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Nervous Cloud
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Nervous Cloud is a Chicago-based two-piece indie rock band consisting of Travis Lee Wiggins (vocals, guitar) & Sarah Sterling (drums, vocals). Quirky, eclectic songwriting is what makes this band unique. The thoughtfully-written songs vary from the bizarre and funny “How To Get Murdered in A Made for TV Movie” to the NOVA-inspired “Monarch.” Boy and girl vocals combine with melodic guitar lines to form a warm sound, while still retaining the clarity and sparseness of a 2-piece band.

Travis & Sarah, like many Chicago musicians, have played the real life version of musical chairs for which their city is sometimes known. Videotape, Essex Chanel, The Salts, in miniature, and The Clarinets are a short list of some of their current and former projects. In 2010, both stumbled on each other thanks to a post on Craigslist (the band has promised to share the ad copy someday). At first calling themselves Friends Having Fun, the two played some local shows and spent a lot of time writing material for what would become their debut album, Nervous Cloud (released in September 2012). Their song “Monarch” was featured on TV's 90210 in February 2013.

Genre – indie/rock/alternative
Similar Artists – Modest Mouse, The White Stripes, Ween, The Magnetic Fields