Nervous Cloud Album Cover
Nervous Cloud
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Nervous Cloud
Self-Titled Debut Album
Official Release Date 9.9.2012
Nervous Cloud Album Cover

1. Forgetful
2. Monarch download mp3 single
3. Summer of Love
4. Blue Sky
5. Do
6. How to Get Murdered in a Made for TV Movie
7. The Bigger Picture
8. Face
9. Shades of Grey
10. Run Away
11. Quit

Travis Lee Wiggins - vocals, guitar
Sarah Sterling - drums, vocals
Songs & Lyrics by Travis
Arrangements by Nervous Cloud
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Travis
Artwork & Illustration by Travis
Nervous Cloud photography by Melody Fisher
Recorded at Beware of Dog Studios - Chicago, IL 2011-2012
All songs copyright Travis Lee Wiggins Music, ASCAP
Sweet Goodness Music