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Nervous Cloud
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Past Shows

April 26 2013
Cole's Bar
Chicago, IL
w/ Videotape (Sarah's other band!)

April 2 2013
Double Door
Chicago, IL
w/ Boats & Cheers Elephant
Live Broadcast on Check out the recorded show in their archive!

February 27 2013
Chicago, IL
w/ Echosmith & Daniel Wade

February 12 2013
French With Me 3: Ménage à Trois
Signal Ensemble Theatre
Chicago, IL

December 12 2012
The Whistler
Chicago, IL
w/ The Fluffers

October 29 2012
Chicago, IL
w/ Speck Mountain & Companion

September 29 2012
Nervous Cloud Album Release Show
Chicago, IL
w/ Pool Holograph & The Flynns

September 22 2012
Barack All Night!
Del Close Theater
iO Chicago
Chicago, IL
Nervous Cloud: special musical guest!

September 9 2012
Dr. Divactican Daring's Fun-Time Fundraiser Festival
Trap Door Theatre
Chicago, IL 60622

August 31 2012
Chicago, IL
w/ Grody Hunt & Lionel O

March 18 2012
Strangeloop Theatre Launch Party
The Long Room
Chicago, IL

December 27 2011
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL
w/ Shalloboi / The Flying Cars

December 28 2010
The Subterranean
Chicago, IL
w/ Young Jesus / The Ethyl Mermen / Shalloboi
Nervous Cloud played as 'Friends Having Fun'